Schedule Types are helpful ways of adding the type of Bookings/Events (Casting, Shooting, Go See, Call Back, and so on) to a talent's schedule. These are colour-coded and will appear on the Talent Calendar as the selected colour.

Adding A Custom Schedule Type

  • To add custom schedule types or edit existing ones, go to: Settings >> Schedule Types

  • To Add a Schedule Type, enter in a Name for it, and choose a colour you wish to have associated with that Schedule Type.

  • Remember to hit 'Add' once you have filled out these.

Deleting/Editing A Schedule Type

  • To delete already-created schedule types, click on the 'Delete' option next to the Schedule Type you wish to delete.

  • You can also choose to rename a Schedule Type if needed by clicking on the 'Edit' option, typing in a new name or attaching a new colour in the boxes under 'Manage Schedule Types' and click 'Update'.

✍️ NB: Renaming a Schedule Type will rename it in all the past Bookings.