Workspace admins/owners have two options to remove a person from using StarAgent:

1️⃣ Deactivate

2️⃣ Delete

Both options will revoke the user's ability to access his/her account. However, there are a few differences between them.

✍️ NB: The main difference between deactivating and deleting a user's account is that a deactivated account can be reactivated while deleting an account is permanent. If a user with a deleted account needs to be added back, then the only way is to add him as a brand new user. Any actions taken by him from his new account will not sync with his historical reports.


This option is best to use when an employee may return to the agency at a future time or if an employee leaves the company, and his details need to be preserved.

  • 'Deactivation' of an account is a temporary process. You can reactivate or delete the account whenever required in future.
  • A deactivated user's profile will still appear in the 'Agency Members' list with its status set to ‘Inactive’.
  • A deactivated user will continue to receive work-related emails to his registered email address.

To deactivate a user account:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ >> ‘Agency Members’.

  • Navigate to the required member profile, and click on the 'Edit' option on the profile.

  • Tap on 'Status', select the required status to 'Inactive', and hit 'Submit'.

Tip: StarAgent allows a quicker way for you to deactivate an account by clicking on the blue 'Tick Mark' on the profile.

The user's name will be automatically removed from the 'Team Chat' option when the account is deactivated.


The delete option can be used when a user leaves your agency, and you don't want to keep their records preserved.

  • Deleting is a permanent option.
  • A deleted user's name will appear on the 'Agency Members' list with a ‘Deleted’ sign board.
  • While 'Deletion' will remove all the profile information of the user, the below-mentioned content will remain in StarAgent without any change:

                                1. Any talent profiles/packages/projects the member created.

                                2. Any content or messages sent by the member via channels or direct messages.

To delete a user account:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ >> ‘Agency Members’.

  • Navigate to the required member profile, and click on the 'Bin' icon.

  • Confirm the deletion by clicking 'O.K' in the pop-up.