Once your talent has successfully signed in to StarAgent Mobile, he/she will be redirected to the 'Home Page' by default. Along with quick shortcuts to all recent job listings and booking schedules, access to different sections will also be available from this page.

Major Features

New Jobs

Under this, the talent could view all the upcoming casting calls/events in which he/she is involved.

The talent can then tap on a particular job to open its detailed view, and choose to, either ‘ACCEPT’ or ‘DECLINE’ it according to his/her interest.

This will send a message to your team's concerned agency members, notifying that the talent has either accepted or declined the task.

My Bookings

BOOKINGS’ will show the Date, Location, and Time of all the talent’s upcoming schedules in a vertically scrollable list view.

Tapping on a particular booking will open its details view.

Now tapping further on the Time will allow the client to set up a reminder to get alerted either before 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours, of the concerned event/job.

Bottom Tab Bar

Now, along the tab bar at the bottom of the screen, the talent could see FOUR icons:

#1. Home

Hitting on this icon will take the talent to the ‘Home Page’, which we are discussing in this guide.

#2. Job Listing

This will take the talent to a page where all the casting calls/events for the talent, are listed out.

#3. Bookings

This will show all the upcoming schedules of the talent in a calendar view.

He/she can scroll through the dates and tap on a date to quickly move to the schedules for that day.

He/she can then tap on a schedule to open its details view, covering Call Times, Date, Location, and Notes.

These will display the details entered by your agency members in the StarAgent software. The talent can also choose to set up a reminder for the concerned event/job from here.

#4. Chat

This will take the talent to a page where he can communicate with the agency members he/she is linked with.

The talent will get instant notifications of any new messages received. He/she can view the message content by simply tapping on the received notifications.


There will be a profile icon located at the top-right corner of the 'Home Page'. Clicking on it will display the talent's name, contact information, address, and an image.

He can then tap on the ‘EDIT’ icon in the top right to make any updations in these details.