StarAgent Mobile offers several ways for your talents to keep in touch with the agency, and stay updated with all the information about the latest schedules, bookings, and more.

Get Started

In order for talent to begin using StarAgent Mobile, any of your agency members will have to create an account for him.

For this, go to 'Talents' >> Navigate to the required profile >> Hit 'About Talent'.

Make sure he has a valid email address filled in his profile. If not, you need to go to 'Edit Profile' and amend it.

Now, click on 'Reset & Send Login'.

Once you have done this, the password will be sent to the talent’s registered email from StarAgent.

Following this, you may ask the talent to download the app from either Google Playstore (if he's using Android) or Apple Store (if he's using iPhone or iPad), and sign in to it.

Signing In

Initially, when the talent opens the app, he will need to complete entering these two fields, before tapping ‘SIGN-IN’:

  • Email – The talent’s email address, to which he received the login credentials.
  • Password – The password sent in the previous step.

And, he’s in!

✍️ NB: Once a talent has successfully signed in to the app, his login credentials will be remembered, which means he won’t have to enter his credentials and sign in, each time he opens the app.

Logged-In Screen

When successfully signed in, the talent will see these FOUR different sections displayed along the taskbar at the app screen's bottom.

1. Home

This is like a dashboard where your talent will have shortcuts to the recent job listings and booking schedules.

2. Job Listings

This will list out all the casting calls/events in which the talent is involved.

He can click on each job to view its details and either ‘ACCEPT‘ or ‘DECLINE‘ it according to his interest. The response made by the talent to a casting call will be automatically notified to your agency through the StarAgent software.

3. Bookings

This will show all the upcoming schedules of the talent in a calendar view.

The talent can scroll through the dates and tap on a date to quickly move to the schedules for that day. He can then tap on a schedule to open its details view, covering Call Times, Date, Location, and Notes. These will display the details entered by your agency members in the StarAgent software.

Now tapping on the Call Times will allow the talent to set up a reminder either before 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours, of the concerned event/job.

4. Messages

This will allow your talent to chat in real-time with any of your agency members.

Just like any other chat systems, the talent will get instant notifications of any new messages received. He can view the entire message content on his app screen by clicking on these notifications.

More Features


The talent’s StarAgent profile is available from the ‘PROFILE’ tab located at the top-right corner of the screen and features his name, contact information, address, and an image.

He can tap on the ‘EDIT’ icon in the profile to make any updations in these details.


The talent might not need notifications all the time – especially when on the backstage or the set. He can go to the 'PROFILE' tab to turn off any notifications through the mobile app, whenever he wants.

Signing Out

And after all, if the talent wishes to sign out of the app, he can go to 'PROFILE', and hit ‘LOG OUT’ in the screen's bottom-left corner.