Whether your agency is kicking off a new project or a new team, your members would need a place to carry out discussions on the ongoing topics. Channels are where such collaboration happens in StarAgent. Continue reading to learn how you can create a new one.

Who Can Create Channels?

By default, all members of your workspace can create channels. If you don’t have permission to create a channel, ask your workspace admin for help.

Create A Channel

  • From your logged-in screen, click on ‘Team Chat’ in the left sidebar.

  • Select the ‘+’ icon next to ‘All Channels’.

Tip: Give a name that can be most related to a specific topic (say, a project name), so that all others from your team may know what the channel is about.

  • When you’re ready, click on ‘Add’.

NB: StarAgent currently supports only names in the English language.

Edit A Channel Name

For privacy reasons, StarAgent won’t allow you to edit an already created channel name. However, you can delete it by opening the channel, and hit the ‘Delete’ icon next to its name.