In StarAgent's ‘Team Chat’, communication happens in channels. We define each channel as a place for your team to share messages, documents and files. Read on to learn all about creating and using these channels to collaborate well with your team members.

Everything About Channels

In StarAgent, you have TWO different types of channels that serve different purposes:

# Public Channels

  • By default, all your agency members can create these channels.
  • They can be organised by project, location, team or anything that is relevant to you, and your workspace can have as many of them as needed – there’s no limit to it!
  • While everyone from your team can view and respond to the messages sent through these channels, you can choose to include an @mention to notify the right people.

Direct Messaging Channels

  • These allow for private 1:1 conversations with anyone from your team.
  • You can search for a team member with his/her username in StarAgent, and initiate conversation directly with him/her.

Best Practices

While a workspace can have as many channels as needed, StarAgent works best when certain practices noted below are followed.

  • Every channel should have a precise topic, and it should be clearly understandable from the name.
  • All channels in your workspace should strictly follow a naming guideline.
  • Create separate channels for each project to share status updates and frequent catch-ups.
  • Shift all your communication from email to these channels, so that you can keep your entire team’s conversations focused, and encourage the exchange of new ideas.