Client types are the additional classifications that are given to help you define your clients (e.g. "prospect"). You can assign only one client type to a particular client. Once you set up client types on StarAgent, you can assign them to any number of clients, whenever needed.

Create Or Remove Client Types

  • Go to Settings >> Client Types.

  • Under ‘Manage Client Types’, enter in the client type you want, and click 'Add'.

All set!  Now, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to see your new client type listed in the Client Type Table.

Tip: To remove a client type from the list, click on the ‘Delete’ option corresponding to it. You’ll soon see the updated list under the Client Type Table.

Assign A Client Type

  • You can assign any from the created Client Types for your client while creating a new profile for the client in StarAgent.

  • To edit an already assigned Client Type, go to ‘Clients’ (in the left sidebar) >> navigate to the required client profile >> click on ‘Edit’ >> choose the required option from the 'Client Type' drop-down menu >> hit ‘Submit’.