If you want to view all the new and upcoming events of your agency in one place, visit the StarAgent Dashboard. You’ll be able to check on recently added projects and talents, and review approaching deadlines, tasks, or events for days, or weeks ahead.

Recent Updates

Recently Added Project

Here, you will be able to easily view a list of all the new projects added to StarAgent by your agency members.

When you click on the title or list item of a particular project, you’ll be presented with all its details.

From the project details page, you can choose to add new talents to the project or delete an already added talent in the project by clicking on the ‘Manage Talent’ tab.

You can also choose to export the details of the talents involved in the project to an excel sheet by hitting ‘Export Talent Data’.

Recently Added Talent

This section gives you an overview of the newly created talent profiles on StarAgent.

To view the details of the talent, either click on the profile photo/icon or the name. This tab makes it easy to access the newly added talent profiles without having to spend time searching each day for them.

On the talent profile page, you can set the status of the talent to ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ by clicking on the tab under the 'Status'.

Upcoming Tasks/Events

Staying on top of a busy schedule is about to get more comfortable with a view of your upcoming tasks/events. Here, you’ll have a bird’s eye look of the tasks/events scheduled for any day in the future.

For each task/event, you can see information such as the due date, the title, and the name of the person who created the task. The tasks/events are arranged in the order of their due dates or deadlines. You can click on a particular task/event to get a detailed view of it.

Tip: To create a new task, quickly locate any future task, or reschedule an existing task to better fit the schedule, make use of the StarAgent 'User Calendar' option.