The Dashboard Stats present the activities occurring across your agency, as an easy to digest overview. The requisite data is pulled from different sections in StarAgent and displayed collectively in charts and graphs. Even though these stats may seem simple in appearance, they allow you to gain meaningful insights into how your works are tracking over time.

Dashboard Stats

The Statistics Panel

At the top of the ‘Dashboard’ page, you can see a 'Statistics Panel' with FIVE tabs.

Hovering on each of these tabs will get you the comprehensive statistics of the concerned category.

✔️ Total Projects: Count of projects in the ‘Open (in progress), ‘Pending (not yet started), and ‘Closed (wrapped up) states.

✔️ Total Clients: Count of ‘Active’ (currently doing business with or have done business recently with your agency) and ‘Inactive’ (not accepting projects now) clients.

✔️ Total Talents: Count of ‘Active’ (available to engage in work) and ‘Inactive’ (currently unavailable) talents saved by your team members.

✔️ Agency Users: Count of ‘Active’ (available to take up tasks) and ‘Inactive’ members (temporarily unavailable) who work in your agency.

✔️ Total Invoice: Count of invoices sent through StarAgent, and their statuses (‘Paid’ and ‘Unpaid’).

Tip: Click on a statistics tab if you want to visit the concerned page. For instance, on clicking the 'Total Projects' tab, you’ll be taken to the 'Projects' page where all the created projects are listed out.

Projects Overview

Get a quick overview of the percentage of the projects that are currently 'Open', 'Pending', and 'Closed' through a pie chart that makes use of a colour coding scheme.

This will be continually being worked on and updated when you make any change in the projects' statuses in StarAgent.

Invoiced Amount

An invoices graph is designed to provide you with an at-a-glance review of your billable amounts for each month.

This can be helpful to analyse the overall invoicing data and compare month-to-month invoice activities to recognise progress and invoicing trends.

New Projects And Clients

This line graph will tell you how many new projects and clients your agency have gotten each month.

If you’re looking for gaining quick insight into the changes and trends in the recently added projects and clients to your agency’s workspace over a while, this can help.

Recently Added

✔️ Recently Added Project: Under this, you’ll find a list of all the projects your agency members have added recently.

Click on any project from the list to get an expanded view of that particular project. You can also choose to manage and export talent data by clicking on the ‘Manage Talent’ and ‘Export Talent Data’ tabs, respectively.

✔️ Recently Added Talent: This is where you can quickly view all the newly added talents.

Tap a talent icon from the list to view all the details of the talent. You can also set the status of the talent as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ from here.

Remember: Dashboard analytics are updated each time your agency members make any changes. You won't need to manually update them.