So with StarAgent, you’ve got better ways for your team members to work together; now, it’s time to support them to make a smooth transition over from their older systems. Whether your team has been trying to collaborate with Excel sheets, Google Drive, Dropbox or other booking systems, our experts can help migrate it over to StarAgent.

NB: Usually, our migration process takes about 5-7 days.

But still, getting your employees to change their work styles and adapt to a new tool is no small feat. Here are a few tips to help you make the right move.

Start Small, And Then Scale

We know that you’re excited about creating and organizing all your projects, talents, and clients with StarAgent; however, it’s best to pick a single project, talent, and client, first to help your team understand and adjust with the working pattern in StarAgent. While choosing a project, make sure to select the one which has a goal that is attainable in a few days or weeks. This way, everyone from your agency will get a chance to collaborate in real-time in StarAgent and see results fast.

Make Projects Clear And Simple

Create your initial project in StarAgent with enough clarity. Save all of its details very clearly in the description. When adding each detail, think about how your team can work on it and put an organized method in place.

Break a big project down into smaller tasks, to make work less overwhelming for your employees. Also, it would be good if you could keep project titles to-the-point so that everyone from your team could understand what it is about in a glance.

Share The Benefits! 

So, one of your talent, client, and project details are set up in StarAgent; now let’s share it with the team. Conduct a brown bag lunch meeting or a video call if your team is working remotely to go over the created talent, client, and project in StarAgent, and explain how it’s going to boost up the agency’s productivity. There might be some initial struggles; so, openly communicate with your team why you have decided to switch to a tool that is meant for collaboration.

For example, if your team were using email for communicating earlier, you may highlight these perks:

  • With StarAgent, you can see all the tasks and assignments, without digging through endless email threads.
  • The built-in chat system will let you dodge all communication pitfalls and realise the dream of inbox zero!

Perhaps, your employees might be spreadsheet enthusiasts. Then, try these explanations:

  • StarAgent brings a better dimension to project management with descriptions, task assigning capabilities, updating priorities, and more.
  • You can maintain all your client and talent details accessible in StarAgent with just a click.
  • Create and send attractive model packages for clients on the fly.

In fact, we’ve prepared a few articles to help you out on this. Read them out, and if you have any more questions, just send us a message, and we’ll give you a hand. ✋

So, good luck! With StarAgent, and a little dedication, you're about to take your agency's productivity to the next level!