Suppose, your morning train is late, and you have got a project due today. In cases like these, you can't wait to work until you reach your agency. Thankfully, you can connect with your clients, talents, and team, and move work forward by logging in to StarAgent from your phone.

Ways To Better Use StarAgent 

To ensure your projects won’t stall at inconvenient times, we have optimised StarAgent for use on any smartphone (if there’s data or wifi ?) — and to help you take maximum advantage of using StarAgent this way, we have compiled a list of tips here.

1. Access Information On The Go

  • If you’re away from your desk due to meetings, or travel, obtain reminders on your upcoming tasks by logging on to StarAgent from your phone/laptop. It’s quicker than waiting until you’re by your desktop and easier than just noting down the details somewhere.
  • Get access to projects you’re working on and complete tasks from anywhere, at any time.

2. Plan & Prioritize

  • Just before you get into office, log in to your StarAgent account from your phone/laptop, and skim through upcoming events, so that you’ll get a pulse on what’s coming in for the day to prioritize and start from the right task when you arrive. Planning and beginning with actionable priorities keep you productive for the whole day.
  • Before you wind down a day, assess all the works done, through StarAgent, and ensure that there is nothing more that needs your attention.

3. Make Meetings A Bit More Productive

  • View what’s there on your plate before and during a meeting. Stay logged in to your StarAgent account to keep relevant details of the tasks accessible during the meeting, if required.
  • If your agency members commit to work on specific tasks during a meeting, create and assign tasks for them right away through StarAgent so they can follow through.

✍️NB: We have also built a mobile app tailor-made for your models and talents on both iOS and Android platforms. Read more about it here.