We’ll say - don’t do it!

Sharing your account credentials is never a smart practice, and it’s especially unwise to do it with your StarAgent account. We assign different usernames and passwords to each user to ensure accountability and security, and we have taken strict measures to detect and prevent logins using the same credentials from multiple systems, at a time.

NB: If in any case, when someone from your agency legitimately needs access to your account, you can provide access on a case-by-case basis and change your password when his tasks are finished. (However, we personally won’t encourage sharing your credentials in any case.)

Bear In Mind:

  • You’ll be entirely responsible for any activity done from your StarAgent account. If someone else is logged in under your account, you’re still liable for whatever follows.
  • By keeping your login credentials private, you’re keeping your personal information confidential, too. Most of your personal information is located on your profile. So, if you share your login details with someone, that person will have access to your personal information, as well.
  • Not only shouldn’t you share your credentials; but make sure you log off correctly when you aren’t at your desk. If you leave your desk unattended with StarAgent logged on, others can inappropriately access all the data that you have permission to access.