Hooray! So, you're considering purchasing StarAgent. We want to help you uncover all of the value and benefits of StarAgent's different subscriptions. Here, you'll read about three major subscriptions - Solo, Standard, and Premium, and their perks.

Solo, Standard, And Premium

StarAgent for the Solo, Standard, and Premium subscriptions includes a single workspace for your very small to very large-sized company or team. All our plans have unlimited talents, projects, clients, galleries and packages, which means, be it 100 or 10,000 talents, you pay the same!

Compare Subscriptions

Whether you need a monthly or annual plan, we have a subscription to fit your needs. Use the table below to compare subscriptions and features, and connect with our sales team or check out our pricing page if you need more information.

✔️ Annual Subscriptions

NB: You’ll get savings of over 20% when billed annually!

✔️ Monthly Subscriptions

Do you have more than 50 users or multiple offices? Then your organization might need additional security, control, and support. ☎️ Talk to our support team to learn what more we can implement in StarAgent to help you in such cases.

What's Next?

We hope that this guide has been helpful! You can now try out these features for free for the FIRST 14 DAYS. We want your team to really feel the value out of this product before you decide to pay us by choosing one of our pricing plans above.