As a member of a StarAgent workspace, you’ll be able to use it to manage your talents, clients and projects. You can also exchange messages with your talents and clients, create and send invoices within minutes, and get your works done quickly and efficiently with this all-in-one talent agency management software.

What You Can Do In StarAgent?

If you’re getting started, read our ‘What is StarAgent?’ article to learn everything you need to know while working with this. Once you’ve had a look at this, click here to schedule a StarAgent demo to learn more about using it.

NB: If you’re having trouble scheduling a demo, go to StarAgent sales page and enter in the required details. Once you’ve done this, we’ll connect with you soon and arrange the demo during your convenient time.

What’s Next?

Keep learning.. ! Dig into the how-to articles among our help centre (hey, you’re already here!?) and get all the info you need to use StarAgent like a pro.