Sending a message to talents who have been involved in booking has never been easier! With StarAgent, you can broadcast a single message to any number of talents added to a specific ‘job’ (booking), within a few clicks.

  • Click on the ‘Jobs’ tab in the left sidebar.

  • Navigate to the required job, and click ‘Broadcast’.

  • A pop-up window will open, which will let you write your message and select whether or not you would like to send it as an email or SMS.

NB: The message will be sent as an email and/or SMS to the already saved mail ID and/or phone number of the talents. So, please ensure that their contact details stored in StarAgent is up-to-date.

  • One you have entered everything needed, press 'Broadcast'.

And you’re done! ?

Tip: Wish to initiate a one on one conversation with a talent? You can use the 'Talent Message' option.