Identifying talents with specific parameters has never been this easier!

Using the ‘Advanced Search’ option, you can find a female American model between the age of 23-26 with fair skin and blonde hair who can swim pretty well, in a few steps.

Search Using Different Parameters

  • Click on the main 'Talent' tab in the left menu bar.

  • The page will refresh, and you will be taken to the Talents page, with a list of all the talent profiles.

  • Click on the 'Advanced Search' option on the top, and you will see THREE major search tabs.

  • Choose either of these search tabs, and it will expand to get you more options to enter your parameters to search for a talent.

  • For instance, if you are searching by features, click on the 'Features' tab and then enter the features you are searching for.

NB: For more refined results, select and enter as many parameters as you can.

  • Once you have selected all your required search parameters, hit the 'Apply Filter' button.

  • The talent that fit your selected criteria will appear in the results field.

Tip: Make use of the sliders to set specific values within a range, for measurable parameters and make your searches even smoother!