The future of work is "Remote". But, being a talent agency, you might be on the fence when it comes to establishing a remote team. You might feel, the sudden shift to remote work might make it hard for you to get your team stay aligned, feel connected and get work done. However, with StarAgent, the #1 talent agency management software that wires together everything you need to run the talent agency workflow, this won't be troublesome. This guide will take you through how StarAgent's specially designed features can be utilized in the most effective way to manage your remote team and keep them productive.

1. Project Management

Run projects smoothly with a shared space for all your work.

  • Keep track of all your projects, see who is working on what, monitor work progress for each project, and check due dates, so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Create and assign tasks to team members on-the-go, and prioritize tasks by mentioning the start and end dates for the projects.

  • Not only managers, but also the employees will be able to track relevant details such as information related to deadlines, priorities, and estimated hours.

  • Keep your team on the same page and avoid any chances of duplicating efforts by using a single tool to organize and share work.

2. Team Bonding

Communicate in real-time with your remote employees.

  • Use the built-in chat system of StarAgent to help your team stay connected, no matter where they’re working from.

  • A default #general channel on StarAgent can be used to share any general updates with your entire team.

  • Consider creating separate channels for each project, to share status updates and do frequent catch-ups on each.

  • Dedicated communication channels are good to keep everyone informed about the status of work, and encourage the exchange of new ideas.

3. Team Productivity

Help your team tackle everyday tasks without fail.

  • Use the StarAgent calendar to check the status of projects quickly, and locate holes and overlaps in the schedules to make needed adjustments among employees.

  • Create reminders on the user calendar to help your employees tackle daily tasks and pending events so that they will be alerted every time until those actions are completed.

  • Employees can stay organized and in control by getting all their work managed in one place.

4. Shared Workspace

Create shared experiences for all the remote activities.

Talent Management

  • Store, and organize unlimited talents, their details, images, and videos on this single cloud-based platform, letting your employees update information or add new files at any time, from anywhere if needed.

  • Allow for self-registration of talents, by sending easy-to-fill online forms to them so that your employees and talents won’t have to meet each other to complete the verification process.

  • With all the talent details managed in a single shared space, your employees can easily filter out the models that meet your client’s specific requirements for different projects.

  • Customize your portfolio packages by adding your agency logo and details so that all your employees can use the same format to send portfolio packages to different clients, thereby maintaining a uniformity.

Client Management

  • Managing the details of all your clients and client liaison specialists will provide your team with everything needed for their work organized in a single place, even when they're working from different locations!

  • Set client status to ‘active’ or ‘inactive’, thereby allowing your entire team to identify if your organization is currently working or not with a particular client.

✨ There’s something more you can do with StarAgent: Check out our full features list.

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