As your entire agency works in StarAgent, it is desirable to let everyone from the team know if you are available to respond to any requirements or messages at a particular time. StarAgent offers a couple of ways to share your Status and indicate your Availability to other members in your agency.

✔️ Status refers to the white Tick Mark or red Cross Mark on your profile that indicates if you’re active or not in StarAgent.

✔️ Availability is a dot next to your display name in the user chat that lets others know if you can currently respond to messages sent in StarAgent.

Update Your Status

All your Agency Members can see the ‘ Status’ you set in StarAgent from anywhere, either as a Tick Mark (if you’ve set it to Active) or Cross Mark (if you’ve set it to Inactive) on your profile.

1. Set Your Status

  • Go to Settings >> Agency Members.

  • This will take you to the Agency Members page, where all the existing users are listed.

  • If you’re a new member and don’t have a profile on StarAgent, click on ‘Add New’ on the top-left.

  • Fill in your details, update your ‘Status’ field, and click ‘Submit’.

NB: If you don’t select your own Status while setting up your profile, an Active status will display on your profile by default.

2. Change or Edit Your Status

  • Go to Settings >> Agency Members.

  • Navigate to your profile and click on the 'Edit' option on the profile.

  • Tap on 'Status', select the required status - either 'Active' or 'Inactive', and click 'Submit’.

Tip: StarAgent allows a quicker way for you to set your Status to 'Active' or 'Inactive' by clicking on the Cross Mark (if you had already set it to Inactive) or Tick Mark (if you had set it to Active), on your profile.

StarAgent will automatically  remove your name from the User Chat option and pause your notifications when you set your status option to 'Inactive'. Notifications will be resumed whenever you turn back your status to 'Active'.

Manage Your Availability

From the dot next to your name in the user chat, your teammates can see whether you’re set to active or away.

StarAgent automatically determines your availability: you’re set to be available (green dot) when StarAgent is open on your desktop or mobile device. You’re set to away (grey dot) after a few minutes of inactivity on StarAgent, or if you log out of it on your device.