All the daily tasks of your talent agency can be made easier with StarAgent. However, setting up the new software and starting to run your entire agency with it is no small task. So, we’ll guide you through StarAgent onboarding and offer tips to make working with this more comfortable. And you’ll get your team collaborating in StarAgent in no time!

This is what you’ll learn here:

  • How to manage talents and clients
  • Ways to simplify daily tasks
  • How to connect and share info with your agency members
  • Strategies to centralise work in StarAgent

Manage Talents & Clients

Using StarAgent, improve efficiency with your talent and clients. Store and manage the details of an unlimited number of clients and talents in a central and easy-to-find solution.

  • Talent Management

Store and manage the details of as many talents you have, their HD images, audio and video files. You can edit already uploaded details, or upload new photos or videos anytime if needed.

  • Client Management

Store everything related to your customer base, including job history, billing details and their contact details in one place. Anyone from your agency can quickly find the needed information anytime in a searchable archive.

Simplify Tasks

Simplifying routine, recurring jobs of your employees' to-do list is essential for enhancing your agency's productivity. StarAgent is designed to help talent agency members automate every such daily task.

  • Self-Registration Of Talents

StarAgent talent agency software allows anyone from your agency to send out easy-to-fill online forms to talents. Data entered by them in the registration forms will be automatically updated after verification in the StarAgent database, thereby saving up a lot of your employees' valuable time.

  • Quick Searches

The powerful search functionality of StarAgent equips your employees to quickly search and find which talent or model would completely suit your client’s requirements.

  • Talent Packages

Quickly build professional talent portfolio packages, readily attach model comp cards to those, and send in just a few clicks to clients and casting directors anywhere in the world. They can easily shortlist the required talents and provide feedback directly for the received packages.

  • Billing

Effortlessly invoice your clients all expenses incurred in connection with the bookings, and register payments made by them.

  • Bookings

Whenever you add talent to a particular event/task/booking on Staragent, the talent will receive notifications as SMS and email. Not only this but also the job will be listed under the "My Jobs" card of the talent's StarAgent mobile app. He can view the details of the task and either 'accept' or 'reject' the job as per his preference.

Connect & Share

With a built-in chat system, StarAgent helps keep communication across your agency transparent and inclusive. Below are a few strategies to help everyone in your agency to use this feature in the right way.

  • Communicate With Agency Members

Right communication is the key to good collaboration. You can use a default #general channel (consider changing its title to something like #team_updates for more convenience) on StarAgent to share any general updates with your entire agency members. And whenever you need to initiate ad-hoc conversations with one or a few members of your team, you can use the direct messages option.

  • Promote Employee Engagement

Public/General channels serve as a platform to create an open line of connection between the managers and employees of an agency. These channels allow managers to give insights on general matters and empower the employees to ask questions and initiate team discussions.

  • Manage Dedicated Channels

Consider creating separate channels for each project or client, so that it becomes easier to share status updates of each project and make frequent catch-ups on them. Such dedicated communication channels will replace the lengthy email threads you used to keep everyone from your team informed about any work-related tasks.

  • Communicate With Talent

With the "Direct Message" option in StarAgent, you can communicate with your talents, no matter where they are located. By installing StarAgent Mobile App, your talent can have such conversations straight through their app.

Centralise Works

By bringing the entire works of your agency into StarAgent, you can spend less time juggling between many tools. The fewer distractions you face, the more you can concentrate on work that matters, throughout the day.

  • Project Management

While you jump between multiple projects, it can be challenging to track updates continually. Through a shared space for all your projects on StarAgent, you can efficiently keep track of your agency's entire projects and tasks on one platform, view who is accountable for which task, track the progress of each project, and keep an eye on due dates.

  • Common Calendar

A shared calendar for the team will help you find holes and overlaps in the schedules and make adjustments among your team accordingly. You can also create reminders to help your team tackle daily tasks and pending events so that they will be alerted every time.