When you log in to your StarAgent account, you will find yourself with a talent dashboard comprising different features and tabs to efficiently handle your data. Here you can upload and organise your files as well as edit your details that’s easy to access for both your agency admin and yourself. 

StarAgent dashboard, with its dynamic functions and simple layout, makes it easy for the talent to update and manage every information instantly.


Features Of StarAgent Dashboard


Here is a short description of every panel and tabs present on your StarAgent talent dashboard. Read on to get started!


  • Update Profile


Update profile is the tab that opens up the ‘Edit Profile’ page of your StarAgent account with your agency logo displayed in the top left corner. The page consists of many different tabs, namely Personal Details, Contact Details, Talent Details (general, professional), Experiences, Proficiencies, Features and LifeStyle. Each tab displays a different set of information that the talent should fill up. 


  • Photo Gallery


With the ‘Photo Gallery’ tab, you can store an unlimited number of photos in a centralised location. Upload all your pictures in different categories to keep them organised, and choose one of the uploaded images as your profile image that you want to display on your agency’s StarAgent Account.


  • Video Gallery


In the modelling industry, we all know how important it is to add a demo reel or any videos of the talent's work. With your StarAgent account, you can easily store all these videos in a centralised location so you can share them with your agency without any hassles. The uploaded files are directly available and reflected on the agency's StarAgent account as well. 


  • Manage Files


The ‘Manage Files’ tab is where you can deal with your files and documents. Clicking on this tab will land you on the ‘Talents Files’ page, where you can upload all your files and save them on different folders according to the file type. 

  • Bookings


The ‘Bookings’ section enables you to manage your bookings. Upon selecting this section, you will be directed to the ‘Talent Calendar’, Where you can block your dates and view your bookings. 










  • Jobs


The 'Jobs' module is where you can view and manage job opportunities and casting calls. Click on the 'Jobs' tab to see a list of all available opportunities. You can accept or reject a job opportunity by clicking on the 'Accept' or 'Reject' button. Accepted and rejected opportunities can be viewed separately under the 'Accepted Jobs' and 'Rejected Jobs' tabs.




  • Chat

The 'Chat' module also allows you to chat with agency members. On the 'Chat' page, you will see a list of all the available conversations you have access to. You can click on a conversation to open it and start chatting. You can even create channels for different projects. Overall, the internal chat feature with agency members in the 'Chat' module is a convenient way to communicate and collaborate with your agency partners. By using this module, you can stay connected with your agency partners, share ideas, and collaborate more effectively on projects and tasks.


  • The Profile Menu List


The profile menu list is the small menu list you see on clicking the profile tab. Through this menu list, you can access features such as ‘Change Password’, ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Logout’.