1) To begin, navigate to the "Packages" section. Click on it and add a title and description for your package. Once completed, click on the submit button. Your package is now active, and you can start adding talents to it.


2)Now you will see a "Manage Talent" icon. Clicking on it allows you to add talents to the package. Additionally, you have the option to convert the package to a project or convert it to jobs as needed.


3) Inside the "Manage Talent" tab, you will find an "Advanced Search" button. Click on it.
 4) You will see three tabs labelled "Basic," "Lifestyle," and "Features." These tabs allow you to choose different features for talent filtering.

5)As an example, I have applied filters such as height, waist, and shoulder measurements. Click the "Apply Filter" button. The applied changes will be visible below as a button (look for the small rectangle box).

6)After the filtration process, I have obtained three talents. To assign these talents to the package, check the "Assign All Filtered Talents" option. There is an assign icon in talent cards if need to assign each talent.

7) Additionally, if you have other preselected talents in the list, you can simply click on the checkbox to select talents for emailing.

8)Finally, to send the package to the client, click on the "Send" button.

9) Enter the client's name and email address. Additionally, you can choose to show the measurements to the client by checking the "Yes" or "No" box.

 10) The package will be sent to the client via email.

11) To view the package, click on "View Package." You will see a list of selected talents in the package, along with their measurements.





12) Once the client receives the package, they can share their feedback, choose the desired talents, and send them back to us.


13) To see the feedback given by client
Select the "Package" option from the menu bar. Click on the "Package History" tab

14) Within the package history section, you will find the feedback provided. Simply click on it to view the feedback.

15) You can see the feedback given by the client.