Decided to upgrade from a free version/Solo/Standard subscriptions of StarAgent to a Premium subscription? That's definitely great news, as you are going to be one step closer to making the most out of StarAgent! ? We have outlined everything that you need to know to upgrade your workspace here.

Who Can Upgrade A Subscription And How?

  • By default, the agency owner/admin and any member of your team with access to ‘Settings on StarAgent can upgrade a workspace.
  • You can make the payments through credit card or debit card monthly or annually (as per the plan you choose).
  • The payment or subscription details can be available on your Subscription Page.

✍️ NB: Upgrading to a Premium subscription will shortly add these features to your workspace.

Upgrade Your Workspace

  • Go to Settings >> Subscription.

  • Under 'Manage Your Subscription', you can view the details of your current plan.

  • Now to change this plan, click on 'Contact Support'. Our customer support agent ?‍? will be available shortly to help you upgrade your plan.