Way to go! You’ve set up your agency workspace and added the members who're going to be collaborating. ?

Now, as a workspace owner/admin, you can manage the permissions your agency members can have within StarAgent. Here are seven types of user rights you can grant your team on StarAgent, to help them get going:

1. Projects

2. Clients

3. Talents

4. Settings

5. Invoicing

6. Jobs

7. Packages

NB: Along with workspace owners/admins, the agency members who’re provided access to theSettingstab can set up user rights and controls for the members on StarAgent.

Set Permissions For Agency Members

  • Go to Settings >> Agency Members.

  • This will take you to the Agency Members page, where all the existing users are listed.

Tip: The 'Agency Users' tab on the dashboard is an easy way to access the 'Agency Members' page.

  • Navigate to the required profile and click on the 'Rights' option on the profile.

  • Under ‘Admin User Rights’, tick (if you wish to grant full access to a tab) ? or untick (if you want to deny access to a tab) ☐ the box next to the required rights.

NB: Once you finish setting up permissions, StarAgent will automatically adjust the 'Settings'.