When your agency's communications are scattered across endless email threads, it can be challenging for everyone from your team to get the details they need to work. So, instead of conversing through a single overstuffed inbox, start working with dedicated spaces called 'channels' in StarAgent.

Below, you will find the benefits of transitioning from emails over to StarAgent channels and a few tips to make these conversations better.

The Benefits

#1. Work more efficiently with the entire team on the same page and in the same place

Whenever you kick off a new project or need a place to carry out discussions, you can create dedicated channels and name them with proper prefixes to make the purpose of the channel very clear for everyone from your team.

Pro Tip: Try using the pattern "#Project_Title" for a channel dedicated to a project.

#2. Create specific channels to share information about urgent items

Unlike emails, where every new message is given equal weight, you can create designated announcements channels and communicate messages with priority through them. Name these channels with the pattern #announcements so that everyone from your team will consider whatever you post in these channels as high priority updates.

Pro Tip: Consider creating separate announcement channels for agency, specific department or team, and specific office or location, and consider naming them as #announcements_global, #announcements_department name (Eg: announcements_talent acquisition), #announcements_location (Eg: #announcements_texas) respectively.

#3. Search team conversations and get answers fast

With emails, seeing particular conversations about a project necessitates sifting through tons of separate email chains. Instead, in StarAgent, you can see all the discussions and files about a project in a single channel, so that searching for a message becomes pretty easy.

#4. Improve team collaboration and productivity

Contrary to emails, StarAgent allows you to bring all your teammates, their works, and conversations into a single collaboration hub. To get everyone from your agency working together, all you have to do is bring all your employees to your agency's workspace in StarAgent.

Tip: To start everyone off on the same page, designate a set of default channels (like #team-updates, #announcment_comany wide, etc.) and share the guidelines for naming the channels you are planning to create in your workspace moving forward.

#5. Stay completely in the loop

Emails isolate details and information - each member of your agency can only see the emails he/she have been included in. However, when it comes to StarAgent (#general) channels, everyone in the workspace will see the same messages so that your entire team will be aware of who’s responsible for what and how to move work forward.