In StarAgent, the concept of 'Jobs' is designed to help your agency to organize and manage everything related to bookings and events - in a single place. For your agency members to work efficiently without any complications, you can create individual Job Cards for each new booking/event in your workspace. This includes all the details about the Job and is displayed by Job Title, Location, Date of Creation and Description.

Features Of Job Cards

Manage Talents

Add and manage the talents involved in a Job by clicking on the 'Manage Talents' icon. This will let you browse through the talent pool, assign them to the Job, view their details, and delete them if needed.

Tip: You can use the 'Search' ? option on the page to quickly sort and find the required talent profile and the 'Advanced Search' ? option to find talent by even more specific parameters without manually going over the whole list.

View Job

This feature allows you to view the saved details of a Job, which will include:

  • Job Title: Name/Title of the event.
  • Date: The date on which the event is going to take place.
  • Location: The address and location where the event is going to occur.
  • Description: Any additional data or notes regarding that specific event.


You can broadcast a single message to all its involved talents from a specific Job using the 'Broadcast' feature.

All you need to do for this is to click on the 'Broadcast' icon on the Job Card, compose the message you want to send, select if you would like to send it as an email or SMS, and hit 'Broadcast Now'.


Click on the history icon to view the detailed report of the broadcastings made from a Job. This will display the Date of broadcasting, the Number of talents to whom the message has been sent, the Agent who has initiated the broadcast, and the Mode of broadcasting.

Tip: Click on the 'Eye' ?️ icon under 'No. Of Talents' to get information on the talents who have viewed the broadcasted message.


With the 'Edit' option on a Job Card, you will be able to edit and make changes to an already created Job's details.

You will be allowed to edit the Title, Job status, Location, Description, and Date of the job, this way.


If you no longer need to keep the details of a particular Job, you can choose to remove them from your workspace by hitting on the 'Bin' icon in the right-most corner of the Job Card.

✍️ NB: Please think twice when doing this; because deletions in StarAgent are permanent. There is no option available for you to recover the deleted details at any cost.