For many talent agencies, getting and keeping client information organized is a struggle. Without a proper process in place, most of them end up with a pile of emails, notes and scraps of information all over the place. So, to get and keep each new client’s information organized StarAgent has designed a specific ‘Client Module’.

Features Of The ‘Client’ Module

The ‘Client Module’ consists of ‘Clients Cards’ with individual profiles of clients. Each profile is denoted by the name, logo, and contact details of the client. Click anywhere in a particular Client Card to view the entire information about the client.


Keeping a record of the person who liaises between the client and your agency to communicate and coordinate the activities is essential for smooth working. So, StarAgent has enabled you to store all the necessary details of the Liaison Specialists by clicking on the left-most icon on the Client Card.

You can edit or remove these details whenever needed as per your requirement.

Search Tags

Client tags are essentially keywords that you can add to a client's profile to quickly and easily find who you are looking for to complete your actions. And the best thing about these tags is that they are 100% customizable, so it's entirely up to you to decide how many you create and what you call them.

To create or manage your custom tags, go to Settings >> Tags >> Type TAG NAME and click ADD. Once you create your tags, you can assign them to different clients using the 'Search Tags' icon on the Client Card.

That's it! ? Now you can use these tags to easily recognize clients and filter them to streamline your work.

Tip: Discover more about creating and assigning tags here.


Keeping track of your client statuses is essential to categorize clients according to their current relationship with your business. It allows you to decide and take specific actions like reaching out, following up, invoicing, and thanking them for their excellent partnerships.

A white tick or a red cross on the Client Card will let you know if you are currently doing business with (or have done business recently with) a client (denoted by 'Active' status) or your company is no longer accepting projects from a client (indicated by 'Inactive' status).


Clients details added to StarAgent by you or imported by us can be edited and updated at any time whenever you wish. To start making edits, just click on the 'Edit' icon on the client card, update the required details, enter additional information, and submit changes.

✍️ NB: Once you have clicked 'Submit', StarAgent won’t allow you to revert back and undo these changes; however, you can re-edit them.


If you no longer need to keep a note of a particular Client's details, you can choose to remove them from your workspace entirely by hitting on the 'Bin' icon in the right-most corner of the Client Card.

But, please exercise caution when doing this. StarAgent does not offer a recycle bin from which you can retrieve the deleted details. Deletions are permanent.