In the previous tutorial, you might have learned how to enable a self-registration option for talents. But how do you create a registration page that includes all the details you would like to have from your customers. Good news: You already have a registration page with all the essential details included, and now you can customize these details with just a few steps!

✍️ Please Note: StarAgent only allows you to add/edit fields under the 'Talent Details' tab.

Edit The Existing Talent Details Fields

  • Go to 'Settings' >> 'Custom Form'.

Tip: Under 'Manage Tabs for Talent Management', switch between the tabs to view the details displayed under each in the registration form.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and under 'Manage Custom Form Fields', navigate to the required field detail, and hit 'Edit'.

Tip: Toggle between the tabs 'General' and 'Professional' to edit the details under each category.

  • Make the required changes for the field under 'Add Custom Field' and click 'Update'.

Tip: Use the 'Delete' option next to 'Edit' for a particular field to remove it from your registration form.

Add New Fields To The Talent Details

  • Go to 'Settings' >> 'Custom Form'.

  • Under 'Add Custom Field', fill in the required details, and hit 'Add'.

Tip: In order for a tab to appear in your registration form, remember to set the status as 'Active'.