For every agency, regular Performance Analysis is the only way towards maintaining balanced scorecards. You can use the 'Dashboard' in StarAgent to analyze all the key performance indicators to do effective analysis and gain powerful insights about the agency's performance. Taking reviews on a monthly or weekly basis at an administrative level will help you modify workflows and processes leading to the agency's long-term growth.

Performance Analysis Features

Depending on the type of subscription you have opted for, the following data will be displayed on your dashboard. The table below will share the details on how you can use them to review your agency's performance.


Data Displayed

Actions To Perform

Projects Overview

A pie chart that represents the total count of the projects that you manage.

  • Check the details mentioned at the bottom of the chart or hover the mouse over each colour to analyze the number of ‘Open’, ‘Pending’, and ‘Closed’ projects.

Open - Projects that are being actively worked on and are due for completion anytime in future.

Pending - Active projects whose start date hasn't arrived yet.

Closed - Projects that no longer need the attention of agency members.

  • Analyze the overall progress of these numbers to ensure that the agency is performing well.

Invoiced Amount

A monthly invoicing summary graph with the invoiced amounts.

  • See how much you’ve invoiced each month over a 4-month period of time.
  • Hover over the graph, and you’ll see the specific amounts.
  • Compare the amounts for each month to ensure that your revenue continues to expand.

New Projects & Clients

A line graph built to analyze the rise/decline in the number of new clients and projects.

  • Determine the variance between these numbers every month and take appropriate actions (if found needed).
  • Hover over the graph to find the actual number of projects and clients that are recently added to your workspace.

Total Clients

Total count of the clients that your agency manages.

  • Hover over the card to analyse the number of ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’ clients.

Active - Clients with whom you are currently doing (or have recently done) business.

Inactive - Clients with whom you don't have (or haven't recently done) any projects.

Total Talents

Total count of the talents that your agency manages.

  • Hover over the card to analyse the number of ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’ talents.

Active - Talents who are available to engage in work.

⭐ Inactive - Talents who are currently unavailable.

Agency Users

Total count of your agency members in the workspace.

  • Hover over the card to analyse the number of ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’ agency members.

Active - Talents who are available to take up tasks.

Inactive - Talents who are temporarily unavailable.

Total Invoice

Total count of how much you’ve invoiced and how much you’ve been paid, and not paid.

  • Hover over the card to analyse the specific number of invoices that have been paid and not paid.

Total Projects

Total count of the projects that your agency has been and is working with.

  • Hover over the card to analyse the total number of ‘Open’, ‘Pending’, and ‘Closed’ projects.