Things like handling bookings, events, appointments, and deadlines you think will be easily manageable, may actually end up getting absolutely complex. We know this well, which is why we have rolled out TWO efficient calendar options - and a lot of nifty features to go with it - on StarAgent:

1️⃣ User Calendar: With this, you can store and manage the details of meetings, appointments, deadlines, and events in a centralised location that your team can access. You can also choose to get automatic alerts about the projects and pending or upcoming tasks.

2️⃣ Talents Calendar: This will help you save and view everything related to talent bookings and castings. All the information your team enters on this calendar will be readily available to the involved talents instantly on the StarAgent mobile app.

Access The Calendars

  • From the StarAgent logged-in screen, click on the 'Calendar' window in the top-right corner.

  • Select the required Calendar from the options in the header.

Using User Calendar

1. Create Tasks/Events in Calendar

  • Go to ‘User Calendar’.

  • Navigate to the required date, and click on the empty space on a given date.

  • A form will open up prompting you to type in the task/event title, start and end dates, agency members involved, and other details.

  • Once you fill out as much information as needed, click on ‘Save Event’.

2. Setting Reminders For Due Dates

Once you create a task and enter the due date and details about it, you can kick off a reminder to be sent to yourself and team members involved in it by selecting the checkbox near to ‘Reminder’ and saving it.

When you add reminders, you will have three different options for when you’d like to be reminded (15 minutes before, 30 minutes before, or 1 hour before the task/event) about it. Choose it in a way that makes sense to everyone involved.

✍️ NB: Reminders set for any task/event will appear for all the agency members who are added in the ‘User(s)’ option. So, in order to get a reminder for yourself, make sure to select your name along with other members from the drop-down list.

3. Setting Colors For Tasks/Events

You might have noticed this option? to set colours while creating tasks/events.

For better convenience, use this option to make it easy for your team members to pick out tasks/events from what you've got to do each day. And while doing that, consider assigning colour-code rules for various events or tasks in your agency instead of randomly assigning colours for them.

Here's an example of the colour-code rule:

  • Red for urgent tasks
  • Amber for not immediate but needs attention tasks
  • Green for low priority tasks
  • Grey for team meetings

Once you have decided on the colours you’d like to use for different tasks/events, you can share that with everyone, so your entire team will have the same colour logic when they view the Calendar.

4. Change Due Date

  • In order to change the due date of an already created task/event, navigate to it on the calendar.

  • Click and hold the task/event and drag it to the new due date.

5. Visualize Your Team's Workload

User calendars are the best way on StarAgent to have a single view of tasks and events happening in your agency and stay informed on what’s on deck for your team for the upcoming days.

Everyone from the team can use the calendar filtering option, to quickly see all the assigned tasks, thereby staying on top of deadlines.

Using Talent Calendar

  • Click on ‘Talent Calendar’.

  • Navigate to the date when you want to create a booking, and click on the empty space on the date.

  • The form that appears is for entering in the Booking's general details.

  • Enter in the details. The information you enter will be available to the talents (if they are using the StarAgent mobile app).

✍️ NB: You are able to save a booking with only the mandatory fields filled out - this is the minimum requirement to save.

  • Save the Booking by clicking 'Create Booking' (at the bottom right of the page).

  • A band in the calendar over the selected dates will show you the Booking has been saved. You can click on it and update the information, whenever needed.