When you create client profiles, StarAgent will want you to add a 'Client Type' to their profile. This categorization of clients can be a useful tool to organize, filter and manage your clients more efficiently.

Before You Start.. 

  • You can create as many client types as you want, and assign them to any number of clients, as you wish.
  • However, you can assign only one client type to a particular client.
  • Editing or deleting any created ‘Client Type is possible on StarAgent.

Create Client Type

  • Go to Settings >> Client Types.

  • Under ‘Manage Client Types’, enter in the client type you want, and click 'Add'.

That's it! 

Tip: To edit a client type, click on the 'Edit' option, and to remove a client type, click on the ‘Delete’ option corresponding to it. You’ll soon see the updated list under the Client Type Table.

After setting up the ‘Client Types’, go to the ‘Clients’ tab and assign the most appropriate Client Type for each client.