When employees leave your agency, they may have the right to delete their profile information from the workspace. Being the data controller, the agency owner or workspace admin is responsible for determining whether a member should have access to the 'Settings' option to delete his/her profile information.

⚠️Caution: Deleting accounts is permanent - once an account is removed, it cannot be recovered at any cost. So, if you are leaving the workspace temporarily, consider deactivating your account by setting the 'Status' to 'Inactive', rather than deleting.


Delete Agency Member Accounts

  • Go to Settings >> Agency Members.

  • This will take you to the Agency Members page, where all the existing users are listed.

  • If you are sure about deleting a profile, navigate to it, and hit ‘Delete’.

The deleted accounts will be visible in the ‘Agency Members’ panel notifying with a ‘Deleted’ red button thereby letting everyone from the agency know that those members aren’t currently available.