StarAgent enables you to view all your invoices' real-time status according to the level of payment completed on them (Partially Paid, Fully Paid, or Not Paid).

  • Partially Paid’ implies that the invoice has not been fully paid, and some money is still due.
  • Fully Paid' invoices are those, like the name says, have had the payment completed on them.
  • Not Paid’ invoices are those that are yet to be paid.

How To View The Invoice Status

To view the status of a particular invoice, go to 'Billings', search for the invoice by using the search bar on the right corner of your screen, and check under 'Payment Status'.

NB: Hover your mouse on the ‘Total Invoice tab in the ‘Dashboard’ to get quick updates on the count of invoices sent through StarAgent. Clicking on the tab will directly take you to the Billing page.