#General Channels are the default channels where team communications happen. All members are automatically added to the existing channels when they join the StarAgent workspace.

No member can leave these channels; however, you can delete them, whenever needed.

Special Tips

  • You can create as many channels as you need. StarAgent has never imposed any restrictions on that.

  • Rather than keeping the channel name as #general, go ahead and change it to something more descriptive, like #announcements, #notices, #project_name, and more. Ensure that the channel topic and purpose are clearly understandable for your entire team from the name itself.

  • Although it’s not possible to add specific people to each channel, you may use @mentions to draw someone’s attention to a message.

  • All members can view the messages in channels, so we recommend discouraging unnecessary messages from your team members.

  • If you are working remotely, you may consider creating channels based on agency locations to get your team organized together under one roof.

  Read this guide for more assistance in creating channels.