'Client Tags' work like categories, grouping similar clients so that you can easily find who you are searching for. These are completely customizable, so it's up to you how many you create and what names you give them.

Read more about tags in this guide.

Create Or Remove Tags

  • To create a new tag, go to 'Settings' >> 'Tags', type in the name of your tag, and click 'Add'.

  • To remove any created tags from StarAgent, just click on the 'Delete' option near the required tag.

Assign Tags To Clients

  • Click on the 'Clients' tab in the left sidebar.

  • On the next page, navigate to the required Client Profile, and click on 'Search Tags'.

  • In the tag window, type the name of the tag, and click the name of the tag from the drop-down list to add it.

  • Hit ‘Save’.

NB: If the name of your intended tag won't appear in the list, it means that you haven't created it. Therefore, go to Settings >> Tags to create the tag, and then proceed to add the tag from the client profile.