Tags are the most simple, lightweight way to organize talents, projects, and clients in StarAgent. You can create as many tags as you would like and assign them as you see fit. You can also edit or delete any tag data, whenever needed.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create, remove, or add tags for projects in StarAgent.

Things To Know

Here are some key things you should know before you begin working with tags.

  • Ensure that you are familiar with the usage of tags in StarAgent.
  • You can assign only the tags which are already created.
  • There is no limitation to the number of characters you may have in your tag name.

Create Or Remove Tags

  • To create a new tag, go to 'Settings' >> 'Tags', type in the name of your tag, and click 'Add'.
  • To remove any created tags from StarAgent, just click on the 'Delete' option near the required tag.

Assign Tags To Projects

  • Click on the 'Projects' tab in the left sidebar.

  • On the next page, navigate to the required projects card, and click on 'Search Tag'.

  • In the tag window, type the name of your tag, and click the name of the tag from the drop-down list to add it.

  • Hit ‘Save’.

NB: If the name of your intended tag won't appear in the list, it means that you haven't created it. Therefore, go to Settings >> Tags to create the tag, and then proceed to add the tag from the project card.