Booking refers to any event/job that is added to the StarAgent's ‘Talent Calendar’, whether it's a tentative or confirmed job, a test shoot, or casting. You can create a booking directly through the ‘Talents Calendar’.

Create A New Booking

  • Click on the ‘Calendar’ icon in the top right.

  • Select 'Talents Calendar'.

  • The calendar offers THREE different views, based on how you like to work: Monthly view, Weekly view, and Daily view. You can switch between each view by clicking on the options in the top-right corner of the calendar window.

  • Click on the date when the booking is going to occur (if it is a single-day event), or on the starting date (if it is a multi-day event).

  • In the pop-up window, enter in all the necessary details.

EXTRA NOTES: Booking Statuses Explained

StarAgent uses the idea of a ‘Booking Status’ to signify at which stage in the billing cycle a particular booking is.

  • Open - The client hasn't yet confirmed this booking.
  • Non-Billable - The client has confirmed this booking, but can't be invoiced. (Normally used for castings or test shoots).
  • Billable - The client has confirmed this booking, and can be invoiced once completed.
  • Invoice Ready - This booking is ready to be invoiced.
  • Invoiced - Invoice for this booking has been created and sent to the client.
  • Closed - The client has made the payment for this booking.
  • Cancelled - This booking is cancelled due to some reasons.

See StarAgent Glossary, for more explanations of the terms.

  • Once you’ve finished, hit ‘Create Booking’.

Update Booking Details

  • You are able to edit already added information or add new details at any point in the booking by going back to the saved booking on your ‘Talents Calendar’.
  • For quick edits, you may go to the ‘Bookings’ tab in the left sidebar >> navigate to the required booking >> click on ‘View’ >> edit the details and hit ‘Update’.

All the booking details you have entered here will be readily available on the mobile app of the talent involved in the booking.