This glossary explains general terms/phrases that you might come across as you are working in StarAgent, or throughout our Tutorials.



This refers to the agency members'/clients'/talents' status in StarAgent. From the checkmark/tick symbol on the agency member/client/talent profiles, you will know that they're active.

Admin Controls

Agency owners/managers can add and manage new members to their team, and ensure each member has access to the right set of information.

You can run advanced searches based on specific criteria, to find the talents who are the best fit for a particular job.


As StarAgent is a talent agency management software, the term 'agency' is referred to any talent agency that works with business contacts, casting directors, and other commercial agencies to find jobs for their clientele.

Agency Members

A collection/group of office and/or remote employees of a talent agency that use StarAgent to communicate and collaborate.

Agency Performance Metrics

Visualize all the crucial checkpoints in the talent agency’s workflow from the dashboard so that you can track the overall performance and report updates accordingly to your team.

Agency Profile

The profile of your agency helps all your agency members (including the newly onboarded people) to learn more about what your agency is.

Agency Users

This is a quick notification option available on the dashboard to the number of ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ agency members at a particular point of time.


This refers to the talent/casting agent who works on behalf of talents to promote and represent their interests, and handle the majority of all interactions between them and the client.


An overview of what’s happening across your entire organization, and where your projects stand.


This refers to the StarAgent's mobile app for talents that offers convenient ways for them to stay in touch with their agencies, and keep updated with their latest schedules, bookings, and more.

Auto Reminders

Set reminders, for yourself, your agency members, or your talents, to get automatic alerts about the projects, and pending or upcoming tasks/events.



The billing card will list out all the clients to whom invoices have been sent, and the details of their payments.


This includes a uniformly organized portfolio of the talent, which can be readily sent to clients and casting directors.

Birds-Eye View

With the StarAgent dashboard, you can get a bird's eye view of your projects, revenue, assignments, tasks, and other useful resources, so that you can make conclusions and improvements accordingly.


The process of choosing models for a job/event/go-see.


This is an easy way to broadcast a single message to any number of talents, thereby saving that extra time needed for recreating the same information several times.



Schedule meetings, tasks and other events on StarAgent’s integrated calendar, so that all the involved members will get automated push notifications and reminders.


Channels - created within a StarAgent message space - are where conversations happen.

Channel List 

The list of channels, and direct messages, that appear on the left side of the StarAgent portal, once you click on the 'User Chat' option.


The term refers to the exchange of messages in real-time with one or more agency members, clients, and talents through StarAgent.

Chat Support

We've a specialised chat support team, who are available 24/7, to help you out on your queries.


This includes a person or group who receives services from a talent agency. This can be either a casting director, producer, commercial agency, or more.

Client Management

Store and manage all your client details and find the needed information anytime in a searchable archive.

Client Details

This includes name, type, contact details, notes, job history, and billing details of your clients.

Client Type

Client Types are extra classifications that your agency can give to define your clients (e.g. "Corporate," "Film," "Fashion").

Closed Projects

This refers to completed projects that no longer need the attention of agency members. These statistics are readily available from the StarAgent dashboard.

Comp Card

Otherwise known as 'composite card', 'z card' or 'zed card', this includes the details and a group of pictures, from one to as many as a dozen or more, of a model. 


The exchange of messages happening between your agency members and clients/talents, as well as among themselves in different channels of StarAgent.

Custom Q&A Tool

You can create Q&A sets related to each project to include all the information your team will need for their efficient workflow.

Custom Form

Add and edit custom fields and tabs for talent management as per your agency requirements.

Custom Templates

Customize your talent portfolio packages by adding your agency logo, and choosing either from the two layouts: with measurements or without measurements.



This provides at-a-glance views of daily and pending events, different agency-related statistics, and instant access to the recently added and updated information.

Default Channel

Default (General) Channels are visible to everyone from your agency. You can consider changing the name, to something like #team_updates, or #models, for making it more convenient for your employees.

Deactivate Account

When an agency member wishes to leave the workspace temporarily, he can choose to deactivate his account by setting his status to ‘Inactive’.

Direct Message (DM)

Direct messages are one-to-one conversations happening between agency members.

Display Name

A talent's first name, or nickname listed in his profile. This is what he would like to be referred to in StarAgent.

Due Dates

Project Due Date signifies a scheduled fixed date on which a project has to be finished, while Invoice Due Date is the latest payment that has to be made on an invoice by your client.

Package links are dynamic; meaning you can update it with a new talent or additional information even after forwarding it to your client.



The process of insertion, deletion, or replacement of any data in StarAgent.

Email Notification

Any updates you post through Staragent will be instantly available to the concerned talents as both SMS and email notifications.


Emoji are a convenient way to add extra meaning to your messages sent on StarAgent.

End Dates

Set end dates on tasks and projects, to ensure everyone involved are working off the same deadline.


Fair Billing Policy

This is what we call our billing policy.? All our plans have unlimited talents, projects, clients, galleries and packages; be it 100 or 10,000 talents, you pay the same!


Use the ‘Feedback’ option to share your statements of opinion regarding StarAgent - if it is successful or liked, and what modification you would like us to bring.


You can organise photos and videos into multiple folders such as seasons or shoots for each Talent.

Full Name

A talent's/agency member's entire name. Generally, this would include the person’s first and surname, and sometimes any middle names.

Forgot Password

An option which agency members may use when they wish to get help for resetting account passwords, via a link sent to the registered email.


A group or collection of the uploaded photos or videos of the talents on StarAgent.


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A group or collection of the uploaded photos of the talents on StarAgent.


Inactive status applies to an agency member/a client/a talent who is not currently in action or not available to engage in work.


A document that lists talents that have been supplied and/or services that have been done, their costs, and asks for payment.



StarAgent uses the concept of ‘Jobs’ for organizing and managing bookings and related information. To not get confused while working, you can create a new job for each new booking.

Job History

This refers to a detailed report of all the broadcastings made from a job, including the senders, the recipients, the dates, and the modes of broadcastings.


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A liaison specialist is a person who liaises between an agency and the client to communicate and coordinate their activities.


Message Field

This is the space where you type and send messages in channels and direct messages.

Messages Via Channels

You can create channels for different teams, and projects, and carry out discussions through them effortlessly.

Mobile Apps

This refers to the StarAgent's mobile app built exclusively for talents to help them stay in tune with their agencies.

Model Assignment

With StarAgent’s powerful search engine, you can effortlessly search and assign models to your packages, and send them to clients whenever required.

My Tasks

My Tasks is a term used to denote each user's personal to-do list. Through the '+Task' circular tab on the dashboard, members can choose to save the tasks assigned to them, and when they're due.



StarAgent automatically notifies an agency member/talent about a new message/task that is due soon/upcoming event (if you've set a reminder).


Open Projects

When a project is open, that means it is being actively worked on and is due for completion anytime in future. To view the statistics of such projects, check out your StarAgent dashboard.



When you're required to submit casting options or talent portfolios to clients, you can attach model comp cards to beautifully presented StarAgent packages and send them with a few clicks.

A paid subscription is an amount of money that you pay monthly to use StarAgent. We offer three paid subscriptions: Solo, Standard, and Premium.

Pending Projects

Pending projects denote active projects whose start date hasn't arrived yet. You can view the statistics of such projects from your StarAgent dashboard.

Permissions and Privacy

Agency owners/admins can manage members on StarAgent, and apply appropriate permissions for them.


This refers to the talent portfolio, which is attached to the StarAgent package and sent to clients and casting directors, as per requirements.


This can either be the agency profile/agency member profile/client profile/talent profile, which helps the members to learn more about your agency/a team member/a client/a talent.

Profile Update

This includes editing profiles to incorporate the newest information.


A piece of work that has been undertaken by your agency to finish within a specific amount of time. You can organize all such works into shared projects on StarAgent, and view their progress in real-time.

Project Conversations

The interchange of thoughts, information, and documents related to projects, through specialised channels created for each project on StarAgent.

Project Management

Using StarAgent’s project management feature, you can easily keep track of all your projects on one platform, see who is working on what, track work progress, and check due dates, whenever needed.

Project Status

Set either closed, open, or pending status for projects to indicate if a project is 'wrapped up', 'in progress', or 'not yet started'.

Projects Overview

A project overview is a brief of the project which you can avail through the 'Projects' cards on StarAgent.


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Real-Time Dashboard

This will help you get a real-time overview of daily and pending events, project statistics, and instant access to all recently added and updated information.

Recent Activities

You can get updates on the dashboard about activities happening around the agency, such as a new project or talent added recently.

Recently Added Talent

All the newly added talents will be listed out on the bottom-left of the dashboard. For a more expanded view, you can click on the desired profile from here.  

Recently Added Projects

Navigate to the bottom-right of the dashboard to get a quick view of all the newly added projects. By clicking on a project, you can find more details about that particular project.


Set to get yourself/other members/talents a reminder for anything: important events, meetings, schedules, tasks, or to-do items.

Revenue Metrics

It is possible to keep track of your agency’s revenue progress easily, as the statistics about the invoices, projects, and tasks that matter, are readily available on the dashboard.


Using search options in StarAgent, it's easy to find the right profiles and details when you need to. You can use the advanced search fields to narrow results using filters and modifiers.

Search Field

The search field is where you go to find profiles and information quickly.


Apart from the traditional registration process, StarAgent helps you to send out easy-to-fill forms to talents. Data entered in these forms will be automatically updated after verification.


A tab that allows members to update the details of agency and member profiles, enable user access controls, add custom fields for talent profiles, and manage client types as well as tags.

StarAgent Mobile

You can ask your talents to download this mobile app from Playstore or Apple Store, so that they can stay updated with schedules, booking details, and more.

Star Rating

A specialised feature of StarAgent that lets clients rate a talent with a number of stars. These ratings (from one to five stars) will be displayed on the talent profile, to make the selection process better for future clients.

Start Date

You can set up start and end dates for each project you enter in StarAgent. In most situations, the start date is a real-time date of when the project is going to start.


The active or inactive status of the agency members/clients/talents marks their availability or unavailability for engaging in tasks at a particular point of time.


No matter how large or small your agency is, our support team is willing to help you find everything needed to work better with Staragent.



The action of attaching tags to client and talent profiles as well as projects, so that you can quickly search and find them with the tags whenever required.


A label attached to client and talent profiles as well as projects for easy identification or to provide information to agency members.


A person of special often creative, athletic, or artistic aptitude or a group of persons of talent in a field or activity.

Talent Assignments

Easily search and assign talent to a project and keep initiatives on updating them with any related information if needed.

Talent Management

The methodically organized process of getting talents onboard, managing them and handling the majority of interactions between them and the clients.

Talent Message

The ‘Talent Chat’ tab in StarAgent allows agency members to communicate with talents in real-time. Talents may opt to receive notifications of new messages on StarAgent mobile, and respond to them instantly.

Talent Onboarding

You can integrate new talents anytime, by quickly entering their details and up to date media, which is publicly accessible to your organization.

Talent Status

Quickly identify if the talent is available (active) or not (inactive) by checking the current status of the talent on the profile.


StarAgent lets you break up projects/works into smaller, manageable tasks, and monitor each task's progress individually.

Task Assignees

Assign an owner for each task, so that everyone in the agency knows who’s responsible for a particular job.


Team, in StarAgent, refers to a group of agency members who are associated together for working towards achieving the agency's goals.

Team Conversations

Using the 'Team Chat' option, you could create channels for team conversations and announcements.

Team Management

Team management refers to administering and coordinating team members in StarAgent.

Total Clients

The total number of your clients will be displayed in the top section of the dashboard. Hovering over the statistics with your mouse will reveal the number of active and inactive clients at that point of time.

Total Invoice

The total number of invoices sent from StarAgent will be displayed on the dashboard. Hovering over the statistics with your mouse will reveal the number of paid and not paid invoices at that point of time.

Total Talents

The total number of talent profiles on StarAgent will be displayed on the dashboard. Hovering over the statistics with your mouse will reveal the number of active and inactive talents at that point of time.

Total Projects

The total number of projects commenced by the agency will be displayed on the dashboard. Hovering over the statistics with your mouse will reveal the number of open, closed, and pending projects at that point of time.


As a Staragent customer, you can get unlimited access to our tutorials, and make the most of this best talent management software!


Updates Feed

Updates Feed in the dashboard is a list of recent updates your agency members made on StarAgent.

Upcoming Tasks / Events

Visualize all the upcoming tasks/events at the bottom-left of the dashboard screen. For an expanded view of the task/event, just click on it.

User Status

Change the member status to active or inactive, so that everyone from the team can understand if a person is available or not at a specific time.


A group or collection of the uploaded videos of the talents on StarAgent.



StarAgent is referred to as your workspace, as this is where your agency's works will happen.

Workspace Admin/Owner

A role in StarAgent, who can manage members, their roles and other administrative functions in the workspace.


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