We are passionate about future technologies and believe that everyone should be able to continue work from anywhere in the world (if there's data or wifi ?). We don't plan to offer an internally hosted version of StarAgent. We choose to continue to be a cloud-based platform and provide a robust and secure service so that you can focus on getting maximum value out of our platform!

Why Should You Adopt A Cloud-Based Tool?

Thinking why you should adopt a cloud-based tool like StarAgent, instead of an on-premise tool? Here we explore the reasons.

  • Cloud systems implement better security against unauthorized physical access to data.
  • Cloud systems possess faster uptime and fewer service disruptions. And if in any case service disruptions do happen, cloud systems can ensure quicker recoveries.
  • Unlike on-premise expansions, cloud solutions can help you to easily expand into different regions without having to make significant investments.
  • A cloud application is accessible from any browser in the world, adding more flexibility to the working pattern for users.
  • Having access to your cloud tool from anywhere, you aren't limited to any physical offices.

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