Made a mistake or lost any required data on StarAgent? No worries - we offer automated, secure backups for data uploaded on StarAgent, providing you with the ability to recover from any mistakes you or your team members make.

Need help with recovering your data? ? With a sound engineering and support team in our space, we are here when you need us – over email, live chat, and phone.

Backup Policy

Be informed, data entered into StarAgent is backed up regularly, and all the backed up data is encrypted with a password-protected symmetric cypher and stored at secure locations to ensure that they are readily available if a restore is essential. These encrypted backups can be decrypted only by employees of the StarAgent operations team who have undergone specialised training and have been authorised to do so.

Files saved into StarAgent are also subject to the supported cloud storage provider’s backup procedures and policies.

Background Checks

All the members with access to the operations environment of StarAgent have undergone comprehensive interview procedures and criminal background checks before hiring. Only these people are permitted to view the data stored in StarAgent in the aggregate, for troubleshooting purposes or as otherwise permitted.

Backup Interval

Staragent offers secure backups daily for all our plans. A full backup snapshot of the data is taken once every 24 hours.

Data Deletion 

Upon termination of your contract with StarAgent, all the content and file attachments that are stored on the terminated agency’s workspace, will be removed entirely from the StarAgent database, if requested by the workspace owner/admin. In some instances where StarAgent has a legal purpose of doing, we may keep personal user data.

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