Once StarAgent has created the admin login for your agency, you will be sent an email with the credentials and a link to set your password for the portal, provided you are the agency owner/admin.

Once you’ve set your password, the page will get you direct access to your StarAgent portal via a hyperlink.

✨ Tip: We recommend saving this Portal URL to your Bookmarks for future reference.

If you are still not sure as what the exact URL is for your agency portal, please use the below link template:


NB: Make sure to replace ‘agencyname’ with the name of your agency. Suppose, if the name of your agency is ‘Matrix’, the URL of your agency portal will be https://matrix.staragent.co/.

This link will open the login page for your agency’s portal.

NB: If you are still having trouble logging in to the StarAgent portal, feel free to reach out to our team instantly for assistance.

Once you have signed into it, you will be able to create your own profile, update agency details, set up accounts for your agency members, and more.

The menu bar on the left side of your logged-in screen will enable you to easily navigate between different tools you would like to use for your work.

✨ Keep Learning: Read our how-to articles in the help centre to get all the info you’ll need to use StarAgent like a pro.