StarAgent workspace is where teamwork happens. So, help your team get their work done with all the right information about the clients and their liaison specialists available in a single place.

Add Liaison Specialists Details

  • Go to 'Clients'.

  • Navigate to the required client profile, and click on 'Liaison'.

  • Add further information as required, and click on 'Submit'.

NB: Make sure to save the contact details of the liaison specialists correctly, as the invoices are automatically addressed to the saved email address.

Edit Or Delete Liaison Specialists Details

After saving the details of the client liaison specialists in StarAgent, it’s possible to edit or delete them anytime when you’d like to.

  • Go to 'Clients', and click on 'Liaison' in the required client profile.

  • Next to the required liaison specialist details:

✔️ Click on 'Edit', if you wish to edit the saved details.

✔️ Click on ‘Delete’, if you want to delete the saved details.

  • If you’ve chosen to edit, make needed changes, and click on 'Submit'.
  • If you’ve decided to delete, click 'OK' in the pop-up window.