When you're committing a new project, you need a place to share details, assign tasks, and make collaboration happen. To organize your work into a shared project in StarAgent, follow the steps below.

Who Can Create Projects?

By default, the workspace owners/admins with super administrator accounts can create projects. They can change default permissions and limit who can create and edit new projects in the workspace. So, if you don't have permission to create a new project, please seek help from your workspace owner/admin.

Create Projects

  • Click on the ‘Projects’ tab in the left menu bar.

  • Select ‘Add New’ project in the top-right.

Tip: '+Project' circular tab on the dashboard is an easy way to access the 'Add New' project page.

  • On the next page, fill out all project details, and hit ‘Submit’.

Tip: See StarAgent Glossary, to get a better understanding of all the terms.