Locating the talent information using only a few steps is the key to working smarter and faster. Search your talent database in StarAgent to quickly find talent profiles that you need to get your work done.

How To Search For A Talent Profile

  • Click on the main 'Talent' tab in the left menu bar.

  • The page will refresh, and you will be taken to the Talents page, with a list of all talent profiles.

  • On the ‘Search’ fields at the top of the screen, type what you know about the talent you're looking for.

✔️ Know any talent details (ex: Interested in 'TV Ads')? Enter it in the 'Search By Keywords' field.

✔️ Know the talent name (ex: Joseph)? Enter it in the 'Search By Name' field.

✔️ Know the tag assigned (ex: Footballer)? Enter it in the 'Search By Tags' field.

  • Once you have entered the known parameters, hit 'Search' near the concerned field to view your search results.

NB: StarAgent may attempt to find fuzzy searches, like fixing misspelt, missing or extra alphabets. For example, if you search for the talent name Lou, you may get results that include the profiles of talents with names Louise or Quinn Louisa.

  • To search for talent by specific parameters like skill, physique, features, nationality and more, tap the 'Advanced Search' tab, choose from the filtering options, and hit 'Apply Filter'.

Discover more about each filter option here.