All agency members can change their password for security reasons or reset the password if they forget it. Additionally, StarAgent gives  agency administrators (with super admin accounts on StarAgent) the flexibility to trigger a 'password reset' to other agency members.

This article will provide the information and process for the admins to send a password reset email to agency members.

  • Go to Settings >> Agency Members.

  • This will take you to the Agency Members page, where all the existing users are listed.

  • Navigate to the desired agency member profile and click the "Reset Password" option on the bottom right of the profile.

StarAgent will then immediately send a password reset message to that particular agency member's registered email address.

NB: It may take up to a few minutes for your agent to receive the password reset messages. If he has problems receiving the emails this way, the next step is likely to verify if the email address associated with his account is up to date. If not, go ahead and change it with an email address where he wants to receive the password reset email and re-initiate the password reset process.