Tags are the easiest ways for labelling talents, clients, and projects in StarAgent based on the data you know about them. Each tag assigned to these profiles will help your agency members get specific ideas about them quickly and search for them using these keywords.

NB: Before you move further, make sure you are thoroughly familiar with tags in StarAgent.

Creating Tags

To create a new tag to apply to profiles later, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings >> Tags.

  • Under ‘Manage Tags’, type in the name of your tag, and click 'Add'.

Great job! You’ll now see your new tag listed under 'Tags' on the same page.

NB: If you want to remove a tag from the list, click on the 'Delete' tab next to it.

Using Tags

From the Tags page in your workspace, you can create new tags as per your requirement and apply them to talents, clients, and projects later. You can also delete the tags added to the profiles whenever you wish.