It’s stressful and time-consuming when the to-do list for employees is a guessing game, and you’re not sure if they are working on the most important things. By prioritizing and managing tasks with the below steps, you can help them manage their workload better to hit deadlines and stay productive.

Gather Your Projects And Create A Task List

You can’t decide how to prioritize tasks for your employees if you don’t have a single view of everything you need to get done in the first place. So, start off by listing the projects, and the amount of estimated time each will need to finish. Once finished, break down each of these projects into smaller actionable tasks.

With all these in a place, you’ll be able to get a sense of what needs to be done, and what needs the quick attention of your team now.

Adopt A Task Prioritization Method

How you prioritize your tasks will ultimately depend on your agency’s workflow, but there are a few task prioritization methods that might work for you. Let’s take a look at some of them for prioritizing tasks:

1. Eisenhower Matrix

This starts by organizing tasks into FOUR quadrants, according to whether they are important, urgent, both, or neither.

This approach helps you decide:

  • What your team should do now (important and urgent tasks).
  • What your team should do once they finish the tasks in the first category (not important but urgent tasks)
  • What your team should do the next day (important but not urgent tasks)
  • What you can delete (not important and not urgent tasks)

This is a great method for prioritizing tasks and staying organized.

2. Eat The Frog

This method is a system based on Mark Twain’s quote - “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.” This translates to your agency as “tackle complex tasks first before moving on to less important or time-sensitive tasks”.

This means that important tasks that serve the highest purpose should be first on your employees' priority lists when they start their day. Once that is completed, you can slot in other responsibilities based on deadlines.

3. ABCDE Method

With this method, assign each task of your list a letter value from A to Z according to its level of importance, and then tackle them accordingly.

Make sure your employees always work on A and B tasks first, because those are the ones that are capable of making or breaking your success at work.

Schedule & Prioritize Tasks

Once you have your completed list of tasks with priorities, add them to StarAgent directly from your 'Dashboard' or through 'User Calendar', and attach clear start and end dates to them.

Also, remember to mention the priority of the task in the 'Task Description' field. Doing so will help you to make sure that your employees will work on the right pieces of work at the right time.

✨ Tip: Set colours for tasks/events to indicate its status. For instance, you may use 'Red' for 'urgent tasks', 'Amber' for 'not immediate but needs attention tasks', 'Green' for 'low priority tasks', and so on.