Any event or booking entered into the StarAgent calendar will be available to the talents through their mobile app. Talents can access them through the 'Calendar' icon in the taskbar located at the app screen's bottom.

Tapping on the ‘Calendar’ icon will let them scroll through the dates and tap on a particular date to quickly move to the schedules for that day.

The talents can then tap on a schedule to open its details view, covering Call Times, Date, Location, and Notes. These will display the details entered by your agency members in the StarAgent software.

They can further tap on the Call Times to set up reminders to receive alerts either before 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours, of the concerned event/job.

✨ Tip: To quickly view the details of a particular booking, the talents can click on the booking name listed under the ‘My Bookings’ card in the 'Home Page'.