So you have saved the details of your new 'Project'. Awesome! ? Now, you can add as many talents as you would want to the created project whenever you wish.

  • To assign talents to a project, click on the ‘Talents’ icon on the Project Card.

  • The page will automatically reload on to the ‘Search Talent’ page.

Tip: Tap the 'Eye' ?️ icon on a talent's profile to view the details about that talent instantly.

  • Now, navigate to the required talent profile, and hit 'Assign'.

Tip: Use the 'Search' ? option on the page to quickly sort and find the talent profile that you're looking for. To search for talent by even more specific parameters, use the 'Advanced Search' ? option.

  • Once you select a talent profile, it will be listed under 'Assigned Models' indicating that the profile is selected for the package.

NB: To deselect a selected talent, click on the 'Delete' option on the profile.