Just like talents, store and manage your entire client details in StarAgent, so that your whole team would have everything needed for work organized in a single place! If you've questions on how to add new clients and their details on StarAgent, keep reading this guide.

Things To Bear In Mind

  • Workspace owners/admins and agency members who're provided access to the clients' tab can add new clients.
  • You can add as many clients as you'd like, regardless of the subscription you’re enrolled to.

Add A Client

  • Click on the ➕ Plus icon on the top right of your dashboard screen, and select 'Client'.

Tip: '+Client' circular tab on the dashboard is an easy way to access the 'Add New' client page.

  • On the next page, fill out all client details.

Tip: For more help with filling up the client type, read our guide for Choosing Client Type.

  • Once you’ve finished, hit ‘Submit’.

The client details you entered have now been saved to the StarAgent database.

Next Steps:

  • Go to 'Clients'.

  • Navigate to the newly created client profile, and click on 'Liaison'.

  • Add further information as required, and click on 'Submit'.

  • You can use the 'Tags' option to set the keywords a client can be searched by.

See StarAgent Glossary to get a better understanding of the terms specified in this guide.