Now that you’ve mastered the features of StarAgent, and you’re ready to supercharge your agency’s work. But how do you make your team get excited about using StarAgent? The best way to do this is to host a successful StarAgent Training Event.

What Should You Do In The Event?

  • Teach the basic features and functions of StarAgent.
  • Demonstrate workflows you are planning to implement in your agency.
  • Introduce resources, such as our Help Centre.
  • Get them familiar with tips to maximise productivity.

The Four Steps To Successful Event Hosting

1. Set An Agenda

Frame an outline of what you’d like to cover in the training session. Here are some topics to consider:

  • Helpful tricks to work with StarAgent
  • Features your agency uses most (Talent, client, and project management)
  • How to prioritise day-to-day tasks
  • Bookings and schedules
  • Communication tips during office hours

2. Decide & Announce The Event Date

Select a convenient day to conduct the sessions and let your agency members know. Make sure to briefly explain during the announcement, why you are moving to StarAgent, and how this can help your agency to achieve better.

✨Tip: Make the announcement yourself, or ask an executive to do it, to signal that the event is a priority for the agency.

3. Promote It

Advertise the event internally as much as possible in order to get your people excited about using StarAgent. Focus mainly on the advantages your team may have with both conversations and workflows in a single tool.

✨Tip: If possible, create your own StarAgent training day posters and promote around the office to pep your people up!

4. Share Resources

Once the event is finished, follow up with your employees to see if they’re interested in learning more about StarAgent. If yes, guide them to our articles that will help them get to know better about StarAgent.

Help Centre

Don't forget to encourage people in your agency to use our Help Centre articles. Here are some to get started:

Hello! We have a dedicated support team who are available 24/7. Feel free to get in touch with them if you ever need a hand!